AAVS Dubai Poster 2014

AAVS Dubai Poster 2014

AAVS Dubai Poster 2014

AAVS Dubai Poster 2014


AA Visiting School Dubai 2014 -

Expocity 2020 : In search of an urban identity


Jarvis 2.0 - AAVS DXB Robot

Jarvis 2.0 - AAVS DXB Robot

PROJECT | AA Visiting School Dubai - Expo2020

PLACE | Dubai

ROLE | Director

DATE | 2014

MATERIALS | DIY Robots (Thread + Sheet Material)



AA Visiting School Dubai is a 10- day programme, part of the Architectural Association School of Architecture’s  global network. The workshop challenged the idea of ‘Making’ as a way to materialize architecture. 

In light of the city’s turn to cultural projects to enhance the economic situation, the Expo 2020 brings in an 
excellent opportunity for a scenario where a temporary experimental structure would be built to push the boundaries of architecture, art and technology.

Throughout the 10 days, groups of students worked on assembling 2 robotic arms. The robots were designed in London, with parts from Hong Kong and programmed in Dubai. A great example of the benefit of DIY fabrication potentials.

The students assembled and programmed the robots while their colleagues developed systems of making that could be translated to the digital realm. Weaving and Aggregate Components were the two systems that the groups decided to investigate. 

Physical and digital experiments were conducted to develop a spatial and structural material system which could be algorithmically translated into a set of instructions which the in-house robots could understand and perform. 

The workshop ended with presentations containing digital and physical models of experiments, processes, digital systems and physical models that told the story of the groups efforts throughout the workshop.

For this specific edition of AAVS Dubai, the group got an insight on the potentials facilitated by new means of fabricating a scaled model of a spatial pavilion.

For AAVS Dubai 2014 we have built robotic arms that were designed in London, with parts from Hong Kong that were assembled, programmed and developed in Dubai. Setting an unprecedented mode of operation.

In this particular year, we attempted to build our own robotic fabrication assistants to envision the processes of weaving and aggregation as means to building such a structure. The ambition was to aid workers in the construction industry. This methodology works particularly in a city such as Dubai, where the climate combined with mundane and dangerous tasks could be threatening to construction workers. 

The idea is to aid workers and to enhance their working conditions, and not to replace them. We are careful to address that the sensibility of humans can be aided and complemented by the effi ciency of machines rather than 

AAVS Dubai is a project in its very early stages. We are working towards materializing a full scale pavilion with the methodologies and technologies developed in-house.

Our ambition with AAVS Dubai is to develop a laboratory of avant-garde ideas for generating a global inhabitable structure to represent a certain country in the upcoming Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai.

Our process is true to the idea of interdisciplinary collaboration between architects, designers and thinkers of different age groups and backgrounds, coming together to create an exemplary piece of work using novel methods. 

With that anticipation comes excitement and optimism for the future generation of designers. We are certain that within the following years this laboratory will develop a concrete project that will slowly diminish uncertainty and flourish into a collaborative concrete achievement.


Unit-1_Co-De-iT Unit

Simulation of Motion Paths of Jarvis 2.0

Simulation of Motion Paths of Jarvis 2.0


Suryansh Chandra


Abdulla Alkendry, Amna AlOwais, Hayder AlAnsary, Reem Hantoush, Maitha AlMazroeei, Omar Kaddourah, Yasmeen Khalil, Zedd Madi



Unit-2_ Aggregate Systems

Diagram Explaining the Component Placement Motion

Diagram Explaining the Component Placement Motion

TUTOR_Omid Kamvari

STUDENTS_ Elias Soueidi, Jamal Baroudy, Muhammad Al Hunaity, Sara El Nour, Ziad Al Mashrahawi, Abdulla Zaher Hassan, Amna Alhammadi, Amna Alattar, Ziad Habashneh


Unit-3_ Woven Tectonics

TUTOR_Alessio Erioli

STUDENTS_ Rola Dehn, Reema Abu Hassam, Marta Krivosk, Agata Kruzela Rida Quraishi. Nada Waleed, Sama Waly, Doaaa Elkadr, Atousa Aslaminezhad, Safeyya Alshehhi, Hakam Elmajed, Farah Aqrabawi Khozaymah